Your company logo is one of the first things a customer will see when browsing the internet looking for companies to work with. It’s an important business tool, unique to your company, used to set you apart from competitors across Wirral, Merseyside and the UK. A good logo establishes brand recognition, makes a good first impression and resonates with your audience. To attract the right audience, it is essential for your logo to be professional.


Your Brand & Logo

Brand consistency is important because it accredits your company with dependability, professionalism and stability. It also eliminates confusion with other similar companies and instills confidence in your brand.

But let’s be honest, no logo can stay relevant forever. Technology is always advancing. Design trends change. The way we do business moves on over time, as do the needs of our customers.


What is Logo Evolution?

Logo evolution doesn’t mean getting rid of everything and creating a new logo and brand. Logo evolution means gradually evolving your logo so that it stays on trend and is still relevant. A good graphic designer can evolve your logo whilst still keeping the identity that your customers are familiar with.

  • A contemporary style change to modernise your logo
  • A simple refinement to the icon to clarify your message
  • A fresh colour palette to appeal to appeal to your audiences and stand out from competitors
  • A slight rearrangement of icon and wording


Examples of Logo Evolution

Here’s some great examples of how major companies have evolved their logo’s over the years;


evolve logo wirral


rebrand logo wirral


redesign logo wirral


Is it time to Update Your Logo?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your logo represent who you are now as a company?
  • Has your company changed its focus since the original design?
  • Do customers still compliment your logo design?
  • Does your logo work with social media profile sizes?
  • Has your audience changed or evolved over time?

There is no definitive time when you should refresh your logo. But, if your intuition is telling you your logo is falling behind, dated or just doesn’t represent who you are as business any longer, it’s time to look at refreshing it.


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